After more than 25 years leading and photographing expeditions to earth’s wildest corners, Gordon Wiltsie has achieved international acclaim for his visual artistry. His work appears regularly in leading magazines such as National Geographic, Life, American Photo, Outside, National Geographic Adventure, Ski, Geo, and dozens of others. He also shoots on location for a broad mix of companies seeking creative, adventurous images for their products.

Gordon is in high demand and most of his work over the last two decades has been shot on assignment, often under tight deadlines. Some of his more famous projects have included documentation of famous mountaineering, skiing and dog sledding expeditions to the edges of the known world, where there is no room for error or reshooting. He gets it right the first time.

But even more than exploration, Gordon loves seeing familiar things in new ways through a camera. He is equally comfortable shooting ski areas, exotic cultures, family adventures and a wide variety of products being used outdoors.

Gordon is also relaxed with a palette of styles, from crisp, classic documentation to riskier, more flowing images that break the rules and push the limitations of cameras, lenses and flash. He loves working closely with art directors and his assignments are almost always an adventure.



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