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When I was growing up, I used to eagerly await my family’s weekly issue of LIFE Magazine, which – like National Geographic – brought the world to me in pictures.  LIFE, in particular, was fascinating because it presented photographic essays on often-unpredictable topics, including edgy ones that were either still newspaper headlines or that were made into headlines by the magazine, itself.  At its peak LIFE sold over thirteen and a half million copies a week and regularly published work by of some of the world’s best photojournalists.

Anyone who loved the photo essay as an art form mourned the magazine’s passage from a weekly to a more intermittent publication in recent times.   Now you can only find “special” issues, usually at supermarket checkout stands.  Part of its demise was television, changing tastes and now, the Internet.

Something usually arises to fill a void, however.  Today some of the best photography essays are either co-published in print and electronically or solely presented on the web in the form of  “e-zines. “  The latter are getting better and better. I was very proud, for example, to have my own work published this month as a “cover” feature in a special one emerging from the UK, appropriately named LIFE FORCE.

An excerpt from the article:

“Although I have been passionate about photography since childhood, I only considered making it a career after I discovered that I was colorblind!  My real teenage dream was to rip into the clouds aboard a navy jet: something pretty risky for a person who can’t tell whether a cockpit light is glowing green for “a-ok” or red for “panic!….””

….. Read the full article on Life Force Magazine Issue #18 June 2012.